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Help with APP FIREWALL for NETSKOPE #FortiClientEMS

Hello guys!

Can anyone advice on an issue with Netskope traffic being blocked with app firewall is turned on in EMS?

I cannot find any signature in EMS to whitelist.

Thanks in advance for the help.

New Contributor

Did you ever find a solution?


I'm also running into this issue. All HTTP traffic is blocked even while the endpoint is disconnected from the EMS, so I don't think it's even a policy issue. I have to disable FortiClient completely for Netskope (and internet) to work. 

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Also curious if you found a solution.  Our InfoSec team is proofing out Netskope, but is also not keen on disabling the application firewall in FortiClient just to make it work.

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@qaajak I would recommend looking at how Netskope supplements/replaces what Forticlient is doing in terms of "app firewall" - depending on your requirements, Netskope may be sufficient. 


Essentially to make the two work, all http-related services in the endpoint profile needs to be disabled. There are quite a few, spread over multiple services (Web Filter, Firewall, etc.) but with the new granular profile management it is a bit easier.


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