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Help to monitor QoS

Hello, I have a fortigate 3700D, where I have several traffic shpaing, all good, but I need to have a monitoring which shows me the consumption of each traffic shaping rule, I have used zabbix with several templete, prtg and cacti, but none shows me the consumption of my clients

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I want to know too. But as far as I know that type of convenient command doesn't exist in FortiOS. Only thing I know existing related this is "diag firewall shaper traffic-shaper list name <shaper_name", which shows dropped packets/bytes if the shapper dropped it for last second or so.


xxx-utm (root) # diag firewall shaper traffic-shaper list name daily_traffic name daily_traffic maximum-bandwidth 0 KB/sec guaranteed-bandwidth 11250 KB/sec current-bandwidth 63 KB/sec priority 3 overhead 0 tos ff packets dropped 0 bytes dropped 0


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