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Hardware test on FortiGate 300D

A few days ago we did an upgrade to version 6.4.11 for a fortigate 300D (the original version was 6.0.10).

After this upgrade everything worked fine except for 1 port (SFP) which was not lifting, we tried to change the cable but it still didn't work.


We have to do a hardware test to see if the physical port stopped working following this guide that forti gave us:


In this guide they indicate that to perform this test you have to rewire and connect several ethernet cables between the ports, in our case we don't have 8 ethernet ports to connect them together, I would like to know if this rewiring is necessary to perform this test.


The forti 300D has 2 MGMT ports, 4 ethernet ports and 4 sfp ports.



For the loopback test you should rewire it as instructed, but if you're only after testing a specific port, it's fine to connect just that port. Make sure to connect it to the port that the test tells you to use, and then ignore the failed results for other ports. (expected since you didn't wire them for the loopback test)

[ corrections always welcome ]
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I'm having trouble configuring my Fortinet FortiGate FG 300D firewall for SD-WAN. Can anyone offer any advice or tips?

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