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Had an idea for convenience, does this exist?

I work at an MSP, when I set up new computers for clients, many times 3 or more are purchased at a time.

I obviously try to get as much set up done at my office as I can before delivering.

It is often convenient to connect to clients VPN so I can join the domain, (also get files or software from share drives etc..)

This allows me to have a turn key drop off.


today I am working on 5 new computer for a client.

NOW here's the idea..

Instead of downloading and installing forticlient on each of these computers, having to set the settings on each.

I want a USB drive with a portable version of forticlient I can run directly off of the usb.

So it is a quick point and click.


OR same idea, but running from a share drive on my network.


Does this exist? or is it possible? I just want to save time in the long run.


Hi SkepticSensei,


best idea I would have would be


b) you can copy the xml configuration file (at least in parts, I don't know FCT very well) and re-use it on other FortiClients.


Best regards,




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