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HTTPS Forwarding not working correctly

Hi all,


Running v6.2 firmware and not able to perform a simple port forward to an HTTPS server internally, something odd in the Fortinet logic or is it a known issue?


Trying to access an internal HTTPS server from outside, I've setup a NAT (Virtual IP) for the external IP, internal IP of the web server and using port 445 on the outside and 443 inside.  Added the corresponding IPv4 policy to allow HTTPS traffic through.


When browsing the external IP on https://x.x.x.x:445 i'm receiving the Fortigate login page rather than the expected internal web server. The NAT doesn't appear to be working as it should, what's wrong with the above config?


A lot of useless back and forth here. The answer is what you posted should work, and does for many others.


You are either running into a bug or a misconfiguration. Since you refuse to post your configuration that's as far as this thread is going to go.


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