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HA link up-down constantly


I have two FG200F in A/P cluster mode. 

They run fortios v7.2


I have connected three HA interfaces on each side. The HA port, and port 23+24 (sfp). HA port is via a switch, and sfp23+24 are directly connected. They are not a part of a bridge nor a link aggregation.

SFP23 keeps reported going up and down by our snmp monitoring system.


Im new to fortios, so I dont know where I can read these type of logs, but in the GUI I can also see the port going up and down.


1 ) How can I enable and then read these type of logs?

2) Are there any issues connecting two HA-ports to the same switch chip? 


I have cleaned the fiber connecters and swapped to new sfps and fibers, and we still have the same problem.

Transciever rx power is well within the spec.


SFP/SFP+ Temperature Voltage Tx Bias Tx Power Rx Power
Interface (Celsius) (Volts) (mA) (dBm) (dBm)
------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
port23 37.9 3.23 30.16 2.0 -8.2
port24 36.5 3.24 30.16 1.9 -8.8


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- 1 HA interface is too few, 3 HA interfaces is bit too much, 2 HA interfaces is perfect.

- I think I've found somewhere that the recommended HeartBeat link for FGT HA is direct connection without switch (must double check this info).

- If p23 still up/down then it is possible that p23 is defective. Try change port and see.


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