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HA + AWS + IPsec local-gw



I have two Fortigate VM in AWS. each one in a different zone, running in HA.


exactly this setup:


The difference between classic HA and AWS multiple zone HA is the fortigates are not on the same network segments.

So each Fortigate has it's own IP addresses and when the HA failover occurs, the master interfaces becomes active, so IPs changes.


now let's say I have:

fgt1: wan - port1 =

fgt1: wan - port1(secondary) = fgt2: wan - port1 =

fgt1: wan - port1(secondary) =


I want to run an IPsec tunnel on the secondary address.

So I use:

# config vpn ipsec phase1-interface     edit MyVPNTunnel         set interface port1         set local-gw     end


When the HA failover occurs to promote fgt2 as master, the local-gw is NOT updated to


Any idea how to solve this ?


(I can't add more network interfaces (AWS limitation))



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