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Guest DHCP

Equipment: 1 x Fortigate 60C

1 x Dell PowerConnect 2848 Switch

1 x Ubiquiti 8-port Switch for PoE

1 x Ubiquiti Cloud Key (controller) & 2 x Ubiquiti Access Point Pro

*These are wired in the order listed.


I'm adding the Ubiquiti equipment to my existing network. FG interface 1 is the uplink to my Dell Switch. FG interface 1 is also providing DHCP addresses. I'm adding the Ubiquiti access points to create an internal SSID and a guest SSID. The internal SSID should have access to everything. The guest SSID should only have access to pull a DHCP address from the Fortigate and access WAN1.


Since both SSIDs are using the same FG interface, I thought a VLAN would be required to limit guest access via policy rules. I assigned the guest SSID to VLAN 10 on the Ubiquiti equipment. The Ubiquiti switch is uplinked to port 42 on the Dell switch, so I assigned VLAN 10 to that port on the Dell switch also. Finally, I created VLAN 10 on the FG interface 1.


When I try to connect to the guest SSID, I'm unable to grab a DHCP address. I don't have a lot of experience tracing packets on the FG, so I need a little help troubleshooting. Is this configuration workable? Where should I start troubleshooting?


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