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Geo Location not working



I'm using a Fortinet 60D 5.4.1 and I have the following Rule Policy Rule:

Internal to WAN  all allow.

Implicit Deny an any ALL


Using these peoples from others countries are able to access the router interface. Then, I created a rule WAN to Internal from GEO-CHINA to Internal ALL Deny but People from China are still able to access our router.


Any Suggestions of what is wrong?


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If you created your geo rule to your internal nic, wan will continue to accept connections from anywhere. Try to create a local-in policy using CLI to protect access to your WAN interface.


config firewall local-in-policy edit <name_str> set policyid <integer> set ha-mgmt-intf-only {enable | disable} set intf <string> config srcaddr edit <name_str> set name <string> end config dstaddr edit <name_str> set name <string> end set action {accept | deny} config service edit <name_str> set name <string> end set schedule <string> set status {enable | disable} end

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