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GUI session lost after importing CA certificate

Hi Everyone,


Hope you guys can help with this issue.

Today, I imported a new CA certificate at D300 and lost GUI connection.

I can access the firewall through putty so it is online.

Please see the detail I found. I can see set admin-server-cert " " there is no certificate on it.

Compared with another firewall and I  can see it is self-sign added.

Please share if anyone has any ideas or suggestions. Thanks in advance!!


******* # sh sys glo
config system global
set admin-https-ssl-versions tlsv1-2
set admin-server-cert ''
set admin-sport 443
set admintimeout 20
set alias "**************"
set hostname "********"
set ldapconntimeout 1000
set log-uuid-address enable
set proxy-auth-timeout 5
set timezone 65
set wifi-ca-certificate "Fortinet_CA"
set wifi-certificate ''




Please add the same certificate to admin-server-cert " cert " in the above settings and try to access the GUI.


Hi Mgoswami,


Thank you for the reply.

Could you please advise me on what you mean to add the same certificate?


and could you please advise how to set up admin-server-cert "self-sign" ? Thanks in advance!!

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