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From lan to internal web server

When I try to connect from behind my firewall (lan) through the url ( to my internal webserver (with portforwarding) I get a timeout on this connection. When i use the webserver lan IP (ex there is no problem. (just annoying for the users ;-))

When I connect from a remote location everything works perfectly.
Seems to be a DNS problem but I can't figure it out...
Does anyone have advice or tips where to look in the fortigate configuration?

Thanks in advance!


Fortigate 600E v7.0.5



Thanks for your welcome and your fast reply. 

I have checked my VIP and associated policies. The problem is not gone yet but it has something to do with it (since I can suddenly ping). NAT was enabled on the WAN to DMZ rule so i changed that. I keep searching en testing, thanks for the very useful insight!