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Fortiweb Memory usage 70% always



We have a Fortiweb 400C (FortiWeb-400C 5.06,build0091,140212) always working with MEMORY USAGE 71%and never falls or rises. Being in 71% fortiweb generates an alarm traps. This percentage (71) is  its normal operation state ??? it should be lower ??? in that range is worry percentage of CPU ???



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any idea???


Since we don't know your network or config, it's impossible to know if this is normal for you...


"Normal" memory usage always varies by:

1) Physical RAM in your FortiWeb model

2) Number of policies configured and enabled

3) Buffer sizes (caching, antivirus scanning, protocol constraints, input enforcement, etc.)

4) Your normal traffic volume, plus some allowance for spikes


If your FortiWeb handles your spikes well, then maybe there's no problem. In that case, you can just increase the alert threshold to, say, 74%.


If it doesn't, try disabling unnecessary signatures and policies, and (if possible) decreasing buffer sizes.  There's a section in the Admin. Guide about performance tuning. And if you look at the index under "performance", lots of related settings flagged throughout the guide.


If none of that works for you, you can get a model with more RAM.



I will check the admin guide. I will try to look that can be adjusted.

For now the FortiWeb remains stable

CPU Usage, 0-2%

Memory Usage, 65%

Thanks for the info.

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There is any way to down the threshold in fortiweb for cpu/memory alarms??? i cant find it.....thanks a lot


Log & Report > Log Settings. Look for the thresholds at the bottom of the page.

By the way if you search the help for "RAM usage" you should find that and also the SNMP trap for it.

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