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Fortitoken used by IPSec Dial-Up under native OS X client?

Hi all,


does anyone know if it is possible to use fortitoken with the native IPSEC "cisco" client in OS X? We set up OS X Users with IPSec Dial UP VPN to our fortigate unit. We use fortitoken with sslvpn withput problems, also with the token added to the https user's password when accessing through webbrowser.


Can we use fortitoken along the OS X VPN client? Like adding the token behind the user's password when connecting?

Thank you



If you do have token code in advance (like FortiToken HW or Mobile, and not SMS/EMail tokens which are driven by logon event), then joining token code right after user password should work.

However, any decent IPSec client should understand authentication challenges which are used to do multi-factor authentications.

However I have no MAC-OS ready at the moment. So test it ;)


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