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Fortinet client on MacBook drops out with -113 error


My user has a brand new MacBook with the latest O/S and the latest version of the Fortinet client installed. It is configured to connect back to our Fortigate 100E firewall.

However, whenever my user connects with the Fortinet client, it drops out with the following error message...

"Connection Error! The VPN connection terminates unexpectedly! (Error Code: -113)."

Note, it says "terminates" and not "terminated" as if it's some kind of real time commentary and not past tense.

Hopefully you can see this in the attached pic.

As a test, I installed the Forticlient on a Windows 10 laptop and it works fine, the connection does not drop at all.

So, could there something on the MacBook that could be causing this to happen?

Thank you, in advance.





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I don't think the latest version of Forticlient (6.2.2) works with the latest Mac OS (Catalina).

We are planning on deploying the 6.2.1 Forticlient because of this.

I'll try to dig up where I saw that, if you haven't already.


The version we have running is


For my user, it drops when on home or hotel WiFi, but if I tether it to a mobile phone it seems fine. Very confusing, anyone have any idea why?




Same problem with MacOS MOJAVE ver 10.14.5 and Forticlient 6.2.6



We found out that the latest versions don't work. Using 6.0x works. Fortinet support was terrible to use and took months to get to a conclusion. 

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Hey guys. Fighting with the FortiClient errors as well. We have this error on 6.2.x macOS clients with SSL VPN on FortiClients. Reboot usually helps. Or manuall reinstall (over existed). Or killing all the processes of FortiClient and starting it console again:

kill $(ps aux | grep -i 'orticlient' | grep -vi restart | awk '{print $2}')
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Hi there,


We completely sorted this by using the 6.0.x versions for Mac and PC. Version 6.2 doesn't work reliably at all. 


Fortinet support was extremely poor as well in helping with this. If I had known how bad it was or how time consuming it was to get things fixed I would have gone with another firewall solution. I cannot recommend them to anyone at all, the fact that any of us have to come here for a solution for something such as this really is quite shocking. And there is also no apparently public advisory by Fortinet that I could find either.


Thanks, good luck and keep safe at this time.


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