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Fortinet SSL VPN Newbie Queries - Synology Connection and SSO Authentication

I hope you're all doing well. I'm relatively new to SSL VPNs, and I've encountered a couple of issues while testing the Fortinet SSL VPN. Your expertise and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Synology Web Page Display Problem: I've successfully established a clientless connection to our Synology, but I'm facing display issues on the Synology web page. Specifically, half the page is blank, and the DSM desktop appears broken. My suspicion is that it might be related to the proxy. Has anyone else faced a similar problem, and if so, how did you resolve it?

  2. Implementing SSO Authentication: Additionally, I'm interested in implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication. I'm not sure where to begin or what steps to take to set up SSO for Fortinet SSL VPN. Could you please provide guidance or steps to achieve this?

System Information:

Fortinet SSL VPN Version: FortiGate OS 7.0.1

Synology Model: DS218+

Network Configuration: Dual-router setup with FortiGate 200E as the primary router and Synology connected through LAN. If any members of the community have insights into resolving display issues on Synology through Fortinet SSL VPN or financial development have experience implementing SSO authentication, your help would be invaluable. Please share your milestone mastercard knowledge and genesis fs card service any steps I can follow to address these concerns. MyMilestoneCard


Hi @gillshreyas , 

I do not have any experience with Synology so i cannot add much on your first issue. It looks like local problem on your client. 


For SSO implementation here are some good articles to help you:

-How does SSO work


-SAML SSO login for SSL VPN with Azure as SAML IdP


-SAML SSO login for FortiGate administrators with Azure AD acting as SAML IdP

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