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Fortinet 30E Dual Wan Ports

Hi All, I'm new to the game for Fortinet's and I have an issue which should hopefully be fairly straight forward. My client is using a ADSL link and a 4G connection. Now just to add in to the mix as well, they have a site to site vpn that they run across the ADSL link, but use the 4G for connecting to the net as the ADSL is crazy slow. Now what they want is for all outbound/inbound internet traffic to run across the 4g (Which is being switched out to Fibre soon) and all vpn traffic to run across the adsl. Nothing else should traverse the ADSL link.


The 30E has a software switch built into the device, which I have broken to try and create a secondary wan port from one of the lan ports but since breaking it, the web interface / lan ports are no longer accessible, which I understand won't work. I'm trying to console the device into have the 2 wan ports and 3 lan ports. What would be the simplest way to create the two wan ports and three lan ports so that the device is usable again? Thanks


You shouldn't have any problems breaking the default "lan" hardware-switch then use one of 4 interfaces as the second wan interface. Just don't forget to change the role to wan "set role wan" or to undefined.


Hi Toshi, Thanks for that. The problem I have is that the switching side of things does not set itself up as a hardware switch. It sets up as a software switch and once it is broken that's when I have this issue for configuring it. I'm fairly sure I drilled down into the correct section of in the console to modifying the "lan" but I don't know where to go from there. Not going to lie here, that this is really my first venture into running console commands into a switch/router for Fortigate. Thanks


Well, I have a 30E at home and "lan" interface is a hard-switch(config sys virtual-switch) by default. Did you change these to be in a soft-switch(config sys switch-interface)? Or maybe I'm not understanding what you're trying to explain.


config system virtual-switch     edit "lan"         set physical-switch "sw0"         config port             edit "lan1"             next             edit "lan2"             next             edit "lan3"             next             edit "lan4"             next         end     next end


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