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Fortimanager appends an underscore followed by a number in the site-to-site tunnel names


When defining Site-to-Site tunnels in Fortimanager (V5.6.3), they are always appended with an underscore followed by a number in the VPN Tunnel community names in the configuration applied to the fortigate client.


Example:  If I define two hub and spoke communities named "ALPHA" and "BETA" respectively, the resulting phase1 and phase2 interface  implementation applied to the fortigate unit will be "ALPHA_1" and "BETA_2", (and XXXX_3 and so on if defining some more).


While the names in the fortimanager remains unmodified (ALPHA, BETA).


Despite not posing any malfunction at all, I would like to know why the Fortimanager behaves that way, or if it is possible to leave names unmodified.