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Fortimanager HA query

I have a couple of queries regarding the FortiManager configuration and the setup of Manual HA, which I hope you could help me clarify:


Would my FortiManager configuration remain in sync if I configure Manual HA between devices? Specifically, after the primary device fails, will I only need to designate the secondary device as primary without the necessity to redeploy or push the configuration from FortiManager to the FortiGate devices?


FortiManager will be in a different geographical location, is it feasible to establish Manual HA and facilitate communication via an MPLS link?


Hi Vishal1
As you can see at the article bellow, Primary and Secondary will be in sync.


All changes to the FortiManager database are saved on the primary unit, and then these changes are synchronized to the backup units.

Synchronizing the FortiManager configuration and HA heartbeat 


So you don't need to redeploy/push, backup unit can be configured to take the place of the primary unit.

You can use a MPLS link, both units (Primary and Secondary) just need to be able to reach each other. 



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