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Fortimail with SSL and SNI

We are planing on installer fortimail (vm) to protect our mail server. We avec more than 100 domains on our server. Curently, when a users connects to sendmail via our smtp, they use mostly as smtp host, with ssl and authentification.


Some users are configured differently, so they use as smtp host, still in SSL with auth. That host points to the same IP of, and our mail server uses SNI to offer the right certificat to the client.


If we implement fortimail, it's outside hostname will probably be let's say, and an ssl cert for that name will be made. I will point client's domains MX to that name. But if I want to prevent anyone to send mail directly to the mailserver, I must either tell all users to modify their config to use, which I would like to avoid, or point to the fortimail server.


So far, I was not able to specify multiple certs to be used by the fortimail, and was only able to select the certificate to be used by setting the default one to


Is there a way to import multiple certificate and make them availaible with SNI ?

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emnoc wrote:

Okay so your  using the API just to  push the new cert/key into the FML?

That's the plan.


We don't have the FML yet, and my test vm is expired, so for now I am not actively on it. But I will surely post here when I have something.


I requested a demo to continu the integration...


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