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Fortimail cookbook

Dear all.


I'm researching about Fortimail and I want to deploy Fortimal with Fortigate. But when I surf on the internet to find out the Fortimail's document to let me know how config and there is no documents. 

Can you give me the document to config step by step?


Thank you anyway


First stop should be the Cookbook site which also has a set of video content to help you through the process.  For more detailed information you also have the admin guides.



Dr. Carl Windsor Field Chief Technology Officer Fortinet


Hi Carl Windsor


First of all, I would like to say thank for your helping. So sorry to annoy you but I have read the Admin guide book already, it is just about theory. It doesn't let me know how to config step by step. I need a practice book

About Fortigate, I can see lots of configuration video step by step what I can not find it about Fortimail.

Could you give me some book that train me to config step by step?

Thank you anyway

New Contributor

yeah Thank you very much. I I appreciate it. That is what I need. 

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