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Fortimail SPF Sender Alignment do not working


we getting a lot of financial spam advertisements that have "Form" field other that "Header From" please take a look my Antispam Profile setttings:

Log when these emails are coming to Fortimail:


Sender alignment tag - do not work.jpg


And how it looks at the employees Outlook:

Fortimail should at first step recognize these messages as Spam so should move it to personal quarantine folder - but doesn't.

Or it should tag these emails as [Suspicious Email] because of SFP Alignment Sender mismatch - but also doesn't.

I created a ticket at support they recommend me to upgrade Fortimail firmware, so I did to latest 6.4.5GA - but this didn't help.


Any ideas?


Hi Tutek


Based on your screenshot, it seems the header from and envelope from is from same domain "". This will not match the SPF sender alignment because sender alignment check for email domain mismatch. 


"Sender alignment is an SPF related function that checks for a Header From and authorization domain mismatch." extracted from


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