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Fortimail Cloud - list of email addresses

Hi everyone, I'm using FortiMail Cloud, and my manager wants a list of all external email addresses that emails were being sent to for the last month. I've done an advanced search in the Log (Monitor tab), but I want a list with unique email addresses, some addresses have had emails sent to multiple times and thus appear multiple times in my search. I get too many records to open this csv in Excel and filter out all duplicates.

Is there any way to extract such a list with unique addresses from Fortimail Cloud?

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bounce verification is enabled. The problem is Fortimail is handling all incoming emails with blank "mail from:" as bounced back email and enforce bounce verification, but based on RFC 2298, there are other type of MDN may send out emails with empty sender email address, they are not bounced back email and they don't have the bounce verification tag.

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