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Hi, everyone.

I got a simple problem, but I broke my head in a figurative sense of cause.

We have a fortimal VM02 as a spam solve in our invironment (coppied from console: FortiMail-VM v6.4.1(GA), build414)

i can not assign a domain permission to new accout :(((( .

I've created new administrator, assign Access level "System" , Admin profile is embedded super_admin_prof , I also created my own profile with the  Admin rights, Access mode: powercli, web, Restapi, Auth profile local or LDAP. LDAP profile sees in my local DC.

Finally, I got just created account with admin priveliges like others. Other account work is perfect and see all menu in fortimail web admin page. But new created account no see full infornation on web admin page . What's the problem?

Also I read a  but nothing chanhed. 

Has anyone ever encountered such a problem? what I do wrong?


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