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Fortilink VLAN' s

Hello together,


i am totally new in Forti-HW and just run in problems ;)

I have to use a Fortigate 40F with 7 FortiSwitch 124F.

I already created the VLANS (for each Switch 1 VLAN over 20 ports), I used the Fortilink-Feature to do this.

VLAN are configured as DHCP.

So far, so Good.

One Problem is, i cant reach the Gateway from any VLAN, as in the Picture shown. So how do i assign the Gateway-Adresses to the Switch?


This is the first question, i think there will be more as the projects goes on ;)


I appreciate your advices, Thank You




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I figured out that in VLAN-fortilink-mode the fortigate gets the default gateway of the assigned Net.

Can i change this somehow?



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For Example:

in VLAN2 automatically is the GW of the /23 Net.

I need the GW to be


How can I do that?