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Fortigate to tp-link vpn failure

Hello Every body


I'm trying to establish Ipsec vpn tunnel between fortigate and tp-link vpn router.


Fortigate side is the HQ, and already there is two ipsec vpn connected from other branches to HQ using fortigate in both sides.


Tp-link side which is a branch we want to connect it to our HQ. It's behind NAT using huawei modem. Already I open 500, 4500 ports in huawei modem, and I tried to allow tp-link as dmz. But still cannot establish the vpn connection.


At vpn events I got this logs:


1 | Minute ago | negotiate              | failure | progress IPsec phase 1 

2 | Minute ago | negotiate              | success | negotiate IPsec phase 1 

3 | Minute ago | negotiate              | success | progress IPsec phase 1 

4 | Minute ago | delete_phase1_sa  |             |delete IPsec phase 1 SA 


When I click on first one with failure status:


Direction: inbound

Local Port: 500

Outgoing Interface: wan1

Remote IP:

Remote Port: 500

Role: initiator

VPN Tunnel:

Message: progress IPsec phase 1



Any suggestions to solve the problem?


Thank you


You need to run "IKE debugging" on the FGT specifying the particular phase1 for the TP-Link. You can find many instructions on the internet.

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