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Fortigate conserve mode

Hi, i have issue with one Firewall fortigate, the client report that the device blocked some times and he always reboot the devices so I can´t check to do some troubleshooting, I was wondering if there is any log that the show that teh device goes into conserve mode. any crach log or something that I can read and confirm

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I'm not sure if the event itself entering into conserve mode would show up in "diag debug crashlog read". But I would expect the cause and/or some artifacts related to it should show up in it. That's why TAC always asks it when we report a problem like that.


But system event log should show an even with "conserve mode" when it occurs. If you're doing only memory logging you can't see it after a reboot. If the FGT doesn't have an HD, I recommend you send at least system event log to FortiCloud/FortiGateCloud. So that you can look them up later when the FGT was already rebooted and you get a report.

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