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Fortigate Wan Load balacing

Hi everyone! 

I'm new here!!

i'm 19 years, and i love working with fortigate. But i have a problem... A company i work for want to have a dual wan connection. On wan 1 there is the first isp, with virtual ip addresses, so on that wan connection there is the mail server hosted, also the vpn portal. Then you have the wan 2 connection, thats the speedy connection. But when i enable the wan 2 connection then i cannot ping anymore to wan 1 public ip, also i cannot connect to the webmail that's another ip from isp 1 wan on wan1. so the incoming traffic is not working anymore.


Many thanks!!!

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Hi, you can check the routing table which routes are used.

Probably the default route is changed when you plug in wan 2.


You can make this work with ECMP and a route prio for the speedy link.

scenario 3a, 3b (also possible via web gui)


if that is already configured it could be a bug depending on which version you are running. (i know there was 1 in 5.2.3)

Alex Wassink