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Fortigate VM not responding to ARP

Hey everyone!


I am trying to create a lab by using 2 fortigate VMs and adding them to GNS3. These are FGT VM - v4.0,build0513,120130 (MR3 Patch 5)


This is the lab diagram.


The FGT1 starts fine and operated normally as one would expect but the FGT2 does not respond to arp at all for some reason. GNS has wireshark pcap inbuilt, here's the pcap.



The is PC down below, not visible in the diagram which I added to try different ways, but it's the same issue.


Other than the FGT2 loads fine and I can config it from the CLI in the VM, but it just won't respond to arp nor generate it's own pings if I try to ping from it to FGT1.


The problem seems to be with ARP.


Any ideas?


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