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Fortigate Telemetry is disabled

Hi All,


after recently upgrading from v5.4 to FortiOS 6.2.2 I've noticed a message "Fortigate Telemetry is disabled".


I'm not really sure what Fortigate Telemetry is and how/whether I should enable it?  I gather it has something to do with the old FortiClient which we don't use.  Is there a way to disable this warning?


Thanks in advance,



Hi Chris,


Is this seen on the "Security Fabric" widget on the dashboard? If so, it means that no interfaces have "Security Fabric Access" (the new name for this option in 6.2.3+) enabled. This allows for connections from other Fortinet products like FortiGates, FortiAPs, FortiSwitch.


You can remove the "Security Fabric" widget if you are not using that functionality, or you can enable "FortiGate Telemetry" on a LAN port to allow connectivity.


Note that in 6.2.3+ CAPWAP (for FortiAP) is combined with FortiGate telemetry into the new "Fabric Access" option.


Hi Jordan,

thanks for your response.  I am currently running 6.2.2 and seeing this on the Security Fabric dashboard as you suggested in the global vdom.  I do have "Fortigate Telemetry" enabled on one of the interfaces in our root vdom, and have a FortiAnalyser connecting to the system which appears to be working ok.




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