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Fortigate Site to Site IPSEC VPN via Phone USB Tethering

Hi guys,


Is it possible to create a site to site IPSEC vpn using your cellphones USB tethering?




Laptop with VMware workstation with Fortigate VM (bridged) ---> USB PHONE TETHER ~~~~~ CLOUD ~~~~~~~ USB PHONE TETHER <-- Fortigate VM <-- Laptop with VMware workstation with Fortigate VM


From my understanding.. as long as I can hit the public IP used by both Phone then I should be able to create an IPSEC VPN tunnel between 2 sites?

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It is possible, I would consider a vpn-monitor to only connect the IPSEC VPN when the primary connection is down, unless cellular is your primary connection.  Without an unlimited data plan even an idle tunnel can use a fair amount of data over the course of a month.


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