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Fortigate Lost all users FSSO autentication - How to retrieve all users on FSSO Colector

My Fortigate loses all FSSO autentications and I can´t detected what happend. 

To resolve my problem temporaly, I have disabled all FSSO groups in policy, and I´m waiting to all useres re-autenticate.

In my FFSO collector, it shows all my users normaly autenticated.

So I ask, has any way from the fortigate to re-collect all user already autenticated in FSSO Colector?


Hi Pablo, don't you have 2 FSSO CAs? It's possible connection between Fortigate and FSSO CA was interrupted (for whichever reason) and Fortigate switched to the next configured FSSO CA.

Also, there is agreement between Fortigate and FSSO CA which users would be sent to Fortigate. This agreement is based on users' group membership. It's a list of interesting member groups for Fortigate and is called "group filter". If there is change in it, it will be reflected in Fortigate.

Group filter could be configured on Fortigate itself (if you have ldap configured in FSSO Agent entry in FGT) or directly in FSSO CA (ldap is not in FGT FSSO agent config + there is Apply&Refresh button).


Could you please go to CLI and copy here output of commands:

show config user fsso

show user adgrp

show user group | grep -f fsso




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