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Fortigate - Guest SSID creation

Hi all, I currently have a Guest VLAN (interface on my LAN port) created on my Fortigate, with only an outbound rule to the WAN for security segregation.

I then have a Cisco WLC which advertises the guest network wirelessly.

I’m in the process of removing the Cisco WLC & using Fortinet AP’s & the Fortigate as the WLC.

To create a new guest SSID on the fortigate, do I need to delete the existing guest Vlan on the Fortigate, then recreate as an SSID & update the relevant outbound rule?

Is there a more ‘clever’ way of doing this, it seems wrong to have to delete the existing Vlan, to then create a SSID with the same details.

Thanks vshare

Hello Hajimasan,

As I understand, You want to create a new Guest VLAN with the same SSID as the old one.

I would suggest deleting the old one and creating a new one or removing the IP details on the old interface and creating a new one. As the old VLAN interface is on the LAN side.



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