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Fortigate 80F - Are the WAN ports special?

Hi everyone,

I’m preparing to start building up the configuration for a fortigate 80F and am wondering if there is anything special about the WAN ports. We’ll have two WAN uplinks, but both with copper handoffs. I ask because We’re in a campus network situation, so if possible I’d like to use one of the SFPs to link to another building rather than use it as a WAN connection.

Some 10 years ago I built a network doing firewalling on a stick (between two VLANS on the same cable) with I think a 60D? So I’m curious as to whether the architecture has changed in that respect.



Hi @gyanmlila , welcome to the community!

The WAN label is...a label. You can use every port as a WAN port or as a LAN port.


Hope it helps.