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Fortigate 80E v5.4.4 build 7619(GA) Upgrade Path



Just a quick question in regards to firmware upgrading my Fortigate 80E/80E-POE


The upgrade path on the site states that I go through the following:

Version | Build Number

5.4.4      6003 5.6.2      1486 5.6.6      1630


Since my current version and build number is v5.4.4 build 7619(GA) do I have to go through the firmware update of 

FGT_80E-v5-build6003-FORTINET.out for 5.4.4 build 6003 or just proceed with 5.6.2 build 1486?


Do you guys usually use the auto-update setting? or manually upload the firmware images downloaded to the site? since i'm not so sure this time I think it's best that i just use the auto-update...thoughts?


Also, im not 100% sure of my device because i only have remote access how do I determine if it's 80E only or the 80E-POE?


Thanks for the assistance.


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Suggest follow the upgrade path to keep the configurations intact.

Rule of thumb; reboot if the fortigate runs for a longest time just to refresh the system, backup prior to do firmware upgrade and in every successfully firmware upgrade get a back up as well.


Take note that Fortigate will reboot if you perform firmware upgrade.

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