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Fortigate 80E Multimode Fiber Optic

Hi All,

I'm having Fortigate 80E firewall and have configured ports 2&3 for income and outcome interfaces for Modbus communication.

My client is asking me to connect the outcome interface using Fiber Optic (not RJ45 Ethernet).


1. I'm wondering can I purchase Multimode F.O transceiver and use it directly in the port?


Moreover, I can see in my Fortigate 80E that there are two ports (WAN1 & WAN2 shared) that can be connected through fiber optic. Can I configure WAN1 or WAN2 as physical interface and assign a policy to one of them to achieve F.O connection requirement of my client?


I need your support please.




That's what those 1G SFP ports are designed for.

Config-wise, looks like it shows up as wan1 and wan2. Don't seem to need any config which one (RJ45 or SFP) to be active.


Stan, can you tell me if you have done something like that recently?


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