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Fortigate 61E (6.2) with FortiExtender 40D, SDWAN do not work


Hello I have an issue,

I have fortigate 61E at my branch site and I want to use SDWAN with 2 ISPs (ISP1 over cable, ISP2 over Fortiextender).


I connect fortiextender to fortigate and everything looked well, but :(


When I add Fortiextender link to fortigate SDWAN interface, Fortiextender link on fortigate   loose IP address and become inactive.


Have anyone experienced this kind of bugs?

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It's not a bug.

When you use forti extender you should check routing table and you will see that when forti extender is connected it's take default route.

to fix this you need to change for example distance and priority.


config system interfaces

 edit FortiExtender

 set distance 10

 set priority 40


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is it possible to set that directly on the FEX?

We use SD-WAN on remote sites and if I would connect a FEX there that would leave the site offline and I cannot set anything then.



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