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Fortigate 60f subscription questions.

I have a Fortigate 60f that I got for use at home. I got the unit only with no bundled subscription. I am debating on if the subscription is worth it for home use? I will definitely get a Forticare at minimum. I am also thinking about the Advanced Threat Protection or UTM. But it is just me and my wife in the house. So I am not sure if the ATP or UTM is worth the extra cost for home use? Curious of what the opinions are here. I did the trial of the UTM features and the web filtering and dns filtering didn't seem to interfere with my everyday life. But I didn't notice things from my Amazon echos being blocked. So not sure if it was doing any good or not. The antivirus didn't find anything during the trial which I wasn't expecting it to. So just trying to figure out if it is necessary. I know it's ultimately up to me but I'm new to IT and networking so still ask a lot of questions. router login

Your question widely translates into: "do I need the paid features for home use?" (up to date AV signatures, IPS signatures, DNS, WebFilter, support, etc).
The answer widely depends on what you use the FortiGate for: do you have a published server that you need to protect? What do you lose if it was attacked? Do you really need to filter the outgoing traffic (maybe if you have a kid)? And ultimately, is it worth it? A large majority of people relies on the security offered by a $20 router and never been happier (or more ignorant of the information leaked). You are already a step ahead with a firewall. 

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