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Fortigate 30E FaceBook Games


How can I block only FaceBook Games and not entirely FaceBook? It is running latest FortiOS v6.2.3 build1066 (GA)

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If you go to Application Contro> View Application Signatures and search for Facebook you'll see a bunch of Facebook games signatures there. Yoiu can select it and define the action as block on you application control profile, then aply it to a firewall policy. You'll probably going to need to perform deep scanning.







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Blocking only Facebook games while allowing access to the rest of Facebook can be achieved through specific URL filtering policies on FortiOS. Here are the general steps to create such a policy:


1. **Access Fortinet FortiGate Interface:**
- Log in to the FortiGate web-based interface.


2. **Create a Custom Web Filter Profile:**
- Navigate to **Security Profiles > Web Filter**.
- Click on **Create New** to make a new profile.
- In the new profile, go to the **Web Filtering** section.


3. **Define Custom Categories:**
- Under **Web Categories**, click **Create New**.
- Name the new category, e.g., "Blocked Games," and add the specific URLs related to Facebook games. Ensure that URLs associated with gaming applications are included.


4. **Create a Web Filter Policy:**
- Go to **Security Profiles > Web Filter > Profile Overrides**.
- Create a new policy for the relevant user or user group.
- In the policy, set the **Web Filter** profile to the custom profile you created.
- Make sure to set the action to **Block** for the "Blocked Games" category, including URLs associated with phrases like "fifa mobile unlimited money."


5. **Apply the Policy:**
- Go to **Policy & Objects > IPv4 Policy**.
- Create a new policy or edit an existing one.
- Set the **Source** to the desired user or user group.
- Set the **Destination** to the appropriate address (e.g., "all") or create an address object for Facebook.
- Set the **Service** to the relevant services (e.g., HTTP, HTTPS).
- Set the **Action** to **SSL/SSH Inspection** or **Deep Inspection** if necessary.
- Under **Security Profiles**, select the web filter profile you created.


6. **Monitor and Adjust:**
- Save the changes and monitor the effects.
- Adjust the policy and custom categories as needed based on the actual URLs associated with

Facebook games.


Remember to regularly update your policies and custom categories, taking into account any changes in Facebook's URLs and gaming-related content. Testing the configuration in a controlled environment before widespread deployment is also recommended.


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