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Forticlient setup issues

I have recently installed the trial EMS server to manage my endpoints.

I have created and installed the client on some of the users PC in the Domain. Manually registered them, all looks OK.

I created a group and assigned a profile to it and the client was pushed out to the client PC's (VinceC2-7 - Win7 SP1) using the EMS console.

Dashboard shows the unit, the AV version, and the profile, but says that it is not registered and I am not seeing an option.

The client displays differently as well. The VinceC2-7 PC is on the left and the Spare-06 PC is on the right. The client was installed manually on this PC. It displays better on the server that the one pushed out by EMS.


I am not 100% sure about the EMS server, I am seeing problems with it displaying content, it takes a long time. like it is having issues talking to AD?


Does anyone have experience with this behaviour and some suggestions as to where I should start looking?


Any help would be grateful.


(I have been trying to get this to work for almost 2 months and only have one day on my trial. i have requested an extension to see if can make this stuff work. Before I agree to replacing the Symantec.)

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From the picture it looks like the client hasn't gotten the policy from the EMS server and the other one is updating or trying to.  One thing I have noticed with EMS is that it can take a while for them to register and depending on machine GPO settings etc they may not at all.  I have had a few machines that I had to register manually to the EMS server and then it worked just fine. 


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