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Forticlient can't connect to VPN on M1 Macbook Air



I have a macbook with an M1 chip and can't get Forticlient v7 to work. I have tried v6 as well. My coworker with an Intel Macbook has Forticlient v6 running perfectly and can connect to our VPN with no issues. Going through the logs, I see the following errors.

Support/Fortinet/FortiClient/conf/epctrl.plist" not exist
20211129 12:30:27 [FortiTray:INFO] VpnManager.swift:611 VPN connecting
20211129 12:30:27 [FortiTray:INFO] VpnManager.swift:670 VPN disconnecting
20211129 12:30:27 [FortiTray:INFO] VpnManager.swift:591 VPN disconnected because of error: Tunnel error: startTunnelFailed

 Anyone has any idea about this? And has anyone with an M1 macbook managed to use Forticlient successfully to connect to their VPN? I can attach logs if needed.



Hi, I managed to get Forticlient to work on my M1 using this iPad version from the app store.

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I have no problem connecting to a VPN on my MacBook. Try to choose another VPN or update your operating system. Sometimes your computer is too rebooted due to many applications and system garbage. In such cases, it is necessary to conduct regular diagnostics to detect problems in the early stages of development. I have encountered such a problem as Safari notifications popping up on my MacBook. Notifications from different websites are not always useful and necessary, so disabling notifications is the most sensible solution to this problem. I left the notifications from the websites I wanted and just changed their display in the browser. It's much more convenient to get notifications this way. The ways to disable and configure notifications are described here.

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Same issue here, tried all fixes. Please resolve this FNT :(


Have you tried the iPad app I linked above? That is the only thing working for me.


Did not help me personally. M1 Pro. 


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