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Forticlient VPNSSL by CLI on windows 10 by powershell syntax



I use Forticlient 6.0.9 on windows 10.

I have a working VPNSSL connexion to a customer. It is working very well with the graphical interface. (It's saved, I usually just have to ad the password)


For this client I need to start this connection by CLI, from powershell. But I can't find out what are the correct command lines, something like : forticlient.exe connect -h host:port -i -u username:password for example, with the named connexion or without... It always start the forticlient but it stop there.

Only some things like this in the logs:

FortiSslvpn: 21164: fortissl_connect: device=ftvnic Information VPN FortiSslvpn: 5280: PreferDtlsTunnel=0

VPN FortiSslvpn: 19968: Ras: connection to fortissl terminated Error VPN FortiSslvpn: 11880: Error find interface for local_gwy c886d40a


anyone got an idead or the correct comman lines? I tried also some of the others forti***.something files.. but can't make it either. Many thanks in advance if you can help ! 

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I must add that I tried this :

without success, but it's not the right software name..


I was told to download forticlienttools on support site, but can't find out what this is about. Any idea someone?


I need the same solution. Did anyone ever respond?


I support multiple remote laptops. The users are prone to forget to login to the VPN to receive updates and patches. I found a reference on Google about the command line CLI and am HOPING that it's NOT just Ubuntu that has the CLI. What I would like to be able to do is shoot a powershell script, or perhaps schedule the script to run at designated intervals and attached to the VPN thereby allowing me to remotely push updates and pull inventory.


If there is no cli - how to others handle pushing things to remote users that don't like to attach to the VPN?