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Forticlient VPN - Linux Mint - Wifi DNS setting modification



I use Forticlient VPN (currently on my Linux Mint Laptop and it works great. No issue whatsoever with my VPN usage.. but!!!


Whenever I log in the VPN it messes the Wifi setting. It updates my ipv4 setting from "DHCP" to "DHCP address only" (adding some custom DNS) and I have to manually modify *every time* that I reboot my system and I need to reconect to my home wifi. I assume is related to some DNS pushed by the VPN so they stay as primary for queries, but as I reboot I get no DNS configuration from the DHCP and nothings works (most likely because those DNS only reply to internal requests, they don't allow recursive queries for random users online).


So it has become somewhat of a mantra to always check for the wifi, becasuse sometimes I don't recall if I used the VPN last time or not. It would be great if the VPN Client didn't mess with my wifi config, as I need to change it to conect to Internet before I can log-in to my corporation, there is really no sense in changing my Wifi config, as if somehow I have to reconect my wifi most likely my VPN tunnel will need to be re-negotiated.


In the screensho attached, I removed the DNS entries for privacy measures.