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Forticlient VPN / Eset Inspect Exe drop detections

Hi. My Eset Inspect detected an "Executable Drop" from Forticlient Update_task.exe


Is this legit is something fishy happening here?

Please have a look at attached screenshots, it seems like 2528526073.ico is associated with anydesk.exeforti1.jpgforti2.jpg




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Hi, I also have this recurring alert. We have a SOC at Eset and here is their response: In this alert, there is nothing problematic.

Update_task.exe is indeed a Fortinet component which accesses a forticlient directory.

The rule linked to Rename Remote Monitoring & Management Tool Dropped detection is triggered for any ModuleDrop action. Which is normal for an update process.

Here the drop is on an .ico, which could mean that the icon would be modified.

The instruction is marked as resolved because the updates are not regular


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