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Forticlient SSL connections stops working after several hours.

Hi guys,


Just created a case on Fortinet, still any suggestion from you will be much appreciated. Here's the case:


I am using FortiClient on Windows 10 64bit. Clients connects and pushes two remote prefixes which I can see using route print -4 command. It works fine for about 4-5h then it disconnects and when connecting again (Always UP is enabled) it doesn't push the required two prefixes.  To make it work as before I need to reboot my laptop.  Windows 10 installation is about 1 week old. No firewall is running on the system.


I am using 5.2.2 patch 642 on Fortigate 100D.


L.E. after reading several threads here I'll add that both Forticlient and Windows 10 were installed from scratch and there was no update from win8.1 or older Forticlient versions.

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