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Forticlient Monitor showing incorrect/strange entries

We've been running Fortigate 6.0.4 Forticlient 6.0.5 for just over a week now and I noticed some strange things in the Forticlient monitor. A lot of Windows machines are showing several MAC addresses associated to them that don't seem to be real. They aren't registered to any vendor and they aren't actually showing up in any arp tables on the network. Here is my pc as an example: 

The first is my wired MAC, the last is my wireless MAC, so that makes sense. What are the other ones? Some devices show these and some don't.


The other issue (that I suspect is related) is that 2 different computers are reporting the same name.

They are definitely not the same name, but the MAC addresses associated to the first entry also appear in the list of MAC's for the second entry. I've made sure my DNS and dhcp looks right, cleared caches on both machines, deleted their dhcp leases and got them to renew, and not sure where to look next. Does the Fortigate not get the machine name from the NETBIOS? What is possibly causing this confusion?


Thanks in advance.



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Hi - I don;t suppose you found a resolution for this did you? I have the same issue - 6.0.5> Two Forticlients connect and register with the FW, the monitor shows the same MACs and IPs from both.... CLI seems to be ok so assuming its a bug.