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Forticlient License for VPN

Good Afternoon all,


I wondering if someone could help settle and an internal debate I have run into. I have been told be a Foritnet rep that Forticleint licenses ARE NOT needed to VPN into a fortigate and that the only limitation is what the model fortigate can handle. However I have also been told by distrubuters that Forticleint licenses ARE needed for SSL/IPSEC cleint vpn access. Does anyone have a clear answer on that, is it truly a limitation of the hardware or is there a license cap on the fortigate itself, I haven't seen a spot to enter forticleint licenses in the GUI, I do know there are order able licences for forticleint but they seem to be for End point protection specifically? Any insight would be appreciated?


If you download "FortiClient VPN" instead of just "FortiClient", which includes additional features like Web Filtering, Antivirus, Endpoint control, etc. that would require proper licenses, no license is needed to use the VPN client for IPSec and SSL VPN.

On the Fortigate side, those VPN features are standard features included in FortiOS. No additional license is needed to make it work with the FortiClient VPN or other vendors IPSec devices. This is what we're using now.


This scheme started with FortiClient 6.2. Until FC 6.0.x, only one flavor of the client software for all features including VPN ones, which you can still download. With FC 6.0.x, VPN part still work with FortiGates without additional licenses.  


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