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Forticlient Disconnects

Hi All,


We are having an issue with our Forticlients for a large client of ours. We have a Fortigate in our DC that manages all the FC connections and such, but the FC connection does not stay up for 24 hours. It would randomly disconnect. We can confirm internet stability over the period. We also noticed that the FC would automatically disconnect when you lock your Windows PC while the connection is still active.


Essentially, we want the VPN to remain connected for at least 24 hours and not disconnect when the PC gets locked. Any suggestions/ideas?


Thank you

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Found a possible solution on the Fortinet forum. The SMPS power save option of the Intel WIFI card shutdown some of the WIFI antennas to save power, this can give a slide disruption in the WIFI signal and the Forticlient will drop down the connection.

Disable the SMPS option on your WIFI adapter should solve this problem.

  1. Go to the hardware manager -> network adapter -> Intel AX201 -> Advanced -> MIMO power save mode -> Change "Auto SMPS" to "No SMPS". While this resulted in the bug occurring less frequently, only changing the setting to "Static SMPS" (-> disabling MIMO) eliminated the problem entirely for me.

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