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Forticlient 7.0.7 SSL VPN - won't reconnect post hibernation.

We have a client who is running Forticlient 7.0.7 SSL VPN off a FortiEMS and connecting to a Fortigate 600E firmware 7.0.9 build 0444.


Forticlient works like a charm until the system goes to sleep/hibernation.   On waking up the Forticlient is basically locked up and won't reconnect (requiring a reboot).


I'm about 1200 km's away so can't really get too much insight as to the behaviour of the system, but the guy is a skilled IT Pro.


Any tidbits on what to check to prevent this?  We've tried removing/reinstalling the software.  Checked his network stack (and kept the OS from turning off the network adapter during sleep mode).

Any insights as to what could be causing this?  potential solutions?

Guy can't just keep rebooting everytime he leaves his computer for 20 minutes or so.

I'll post more info, as it comes to me.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Jeff

Instead of rebooting have you tried to:

  • Kill FortiClient process and start it again?
  • Remove the vNIC created by FortiClient for SSL-VPN?