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Forticlient 6.0 and earlier. End user vpn settings disappear

We have a sslvpn tunnel using fortigate setup in an Irish office. Some UK users need access to their network so they use Forticlient for this. One particular user keeps running into an issue across multiple version of Forticlient where the remote access connection appears to be saved but when you go into the settings, the gateway and port settings are cleared for no reason. Examples in attachments below. We've tried upgrading to later versions, using tools to clean the installation and registry and re-install but she always keeps looping back to this issue over time. This is the only user that ever has this issue and we manage hundreds using forticlient sslvpn.


Is the config still in the config file? You can download it in Settings->Backup. Then look for config under <sslvpn>  ...</sslvpn> hierarchy in the XML doc.  I'd guess something to do with the windows, like defender or security, or anti-virus software or similar, which are scanning software on the machine.


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