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Forticlient 6.0.8 and 6.0.9 Windows 10 1803 - Registry key missing after installation



We have an issue on the deployment of Forticlient 6.0.8 on Windows 10 with the build 1803.


Some of users have an issue after installation of the Forticlient.

There is the same issue if we upgrade on 6.0.9 version


The fortissl  adapter is not showed on Windows.


After analysis it seems that some registry keys are missing (HKLM\System\ControlSet001\Control\Class\XXXXXXX\0018) is missing

This reg key contains the driver settings(Fortinet SSL VPN Virtual Ethernet Adapter).


Physical nics used on the laptop where the probleme is :

lt4120 Qualcomm Snapdragon X5 LTE

Intel I217LM/V and I218LM Gigabit Ethernet 


Did you already encountered that ? 


Thank you for your help





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Are you using licensed Windows?

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If you use a pirated operating system, you may have problems with compatibility with applications and software. That is why I recommend you to buy windows 10 enterprise license key, and then you will get all the benefits that Microsoft team offers. Whenever I have a problem, I always contact support and get a quick and detailed answer on how to solve it. It is especially important that I get all the needed updates on time and for free.

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But it might be a problem if you are using a pirated version. The pirate version has some compatibility limitations, which can interfere with applications and software.

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